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The City of Rijeka
The City of Rijeka
The City of Rijeka The City of Rijeka The City of Rijeka The City of Rijeka The City of Rijeka The City of Rijeka The City of Rijeka

Rijeka is the capital of the Primorsko-goranska County, a region which consists of an unusual link between the sea and mountains, extending from the Mount Ucka across to the Goran mountains as far as the Velebit. To the west of Rijeka, lies the Opatija Riviera, the oldest and most popular Croatian tourist region. To the east is the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera.

The Kvarner islands: Krk (connected with the mainland by the bridge), Cres, Losinj and Rab are in the immediate vicinity.

Rijeka, with its good sea connections, regular line to the islands by catamaran, bus and railway stations, as well as the airport on the island of Krk, is easily accessible. It is only half an hour drive away from the border pass to Slovenia; one hour from Trieste in Italy, and ninety minutes to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

While your are in Rijeka you can visit some historical parts of town:

Municipal Palace
The traditional tourist round of Rijeka begins on Rijeka Resolution Square (Trg Rijecke rezolucije), at the southwest end of the Old Town, dominated by the Baroque church facade of the once Augustinian, and now Dominican monastery of St. Jerome. The monastery was founded in the 14th century as a foundation of feudal masters of Rijeka, the church being sanctuary and mausoleum of Rijeka's noblemen. Despite the significant alterations brought to it in the late Baroque, the most important of which are attributed to the naturalized Rijeka's architect A. Verneda, traces of earlier constructions, especially late-Gothic, can still be seen on its exterior and interior walls.

Governor's Palace
Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral
Leaving Dolac Street at the opposite end and taking the stairs adjacent to the newly reconstructed hotel of old tradition, the Bonavia Hotel, you ascend towards the former Governor's Palace. Lined to your right lies the houses built on the west ramparts of the antique and medieval city. The Palace, residence and office of the governor of the Hungarian Crown of St. Stephen in Rijeka, in the style of high historicism, is the work of A. Haussmann, a native of Budapest.

St.Vitus' Church
Passing through the historic northern city gate beneath the bell tower of the former Jesuit church, and today cathedral Church of St. Vitus, you re-enter the Old Town. This elevated site in, then densely built, urban surroundings was chosen for the building site of the church of St. Vitus, on the spot where a former smaller church of the same saint, patron saint of the city, was founded.

The churche of St.Mary`s Assumption
At the end of Uzarska Street, the main street at that time, we find the church of St. Mary's assumption (cathedral) which was once the central church, built in the early Middle Ages on the ruins of the Roman thermal baths.

The city tower
If we continue straight down Ignazio Hencek Street, we reach the City Tower. Above the entrance to every fortified town, there was a clock tower. Up to the end of the 18th century, Rijeka was encircled by walls. The public, cultural and economic life of the town went on within these walls. The Town Lodge and the shipbuilding yards were located in front of the town. There were two ways of entering Rijeka: through the Gate of the Sea and through the Upper Gate. In order to reach the main square in front of the Town Hall, it was necessary to cross a wooden bridge spanning a moat. In the 17th century a clock was added to the tower, thus the name Clock Tower or Torre d'orologio. The people of Rijeka met "under the clock" or "sotto la torre". The tower was elevated, making room for decorations, inscription, coat of arms reliefs and the busts of the Habsburg rulers, the feudal lords of Rijeka.

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