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Root canal treatment – endodontic procedure
Root canal treatment – endodontic procedure
Root canal treatment is a branch of dentistry which studies pulp pathologies; tooth pulp is made of a tissue rich in blood vessels and nerves, and fills the central portion of the tooth.

Inflammation of the dental pulp can be caused by a trauma, fracture or most frequently infection originating from tooth decay.

Once it is affected by an infection, the pulp becomes inflamed or necrotic, and this process may become extended to the bone causing formation of the pus (abscess), granuloma or cyst. The aim of the therapy is to remove the pulp which is irreversibly altered.

The entire root canal treatment is performed in 1-3 visits, in maximum one week time (the time will depend not only on diagnosis but also on root canal complexity and number of canals).

First we must obtain access to the pulp chamber and residues of the altered tissue are removed. Precise determination of the root canal length is extremely important – failing to do this will certainly reduce the chances for successful root canal therapy.

In our office, we use electronic device for determination of the accurate length of the root canal, so called apex locator (SYBRON-ENDO) coupled with RVG dental imaging (Trophy). Combination of these techniques makes it possible to determine with 1/10 mm precision the root canal length, where the possibility of failure is reduced to minimum.

Secondly, after instrumentation with endodontic instruments, the root canal space is cleaned and disinfected, and is subsequently obturated with material called gutta-percha. There are many techniques for performing root canal obturation. We use 3-dimensional technique combining the device called TOUCH´N´HEAT and flowable gutta-percha (ULTRAFILL 3D). The described technique makes it possible to obturate not only major root canals, but also little accessory canals which are often left unfilled when using only traditional techniques.

Patients who have had their root canal treatments completed many years ago often have negative experience, but the times have changed. New anesthetic procedures, advanced techniques and new medications which can reduce pain and discomfort make the modern root canal therapy absolutely painless.

Root canal therapy does not mean that the treated tooth will surely be extracted after a couple of years to come. Tooth rid of the „nerve“ is more fragile with respect to its healthy counterpart, but that is it. If the treated tooth was covered with crown or composite filling, it can last for the rest of one's life.

It is quite important to note that, if the tooth is not treated, one may not only lose the tooth, but also the infection may easily spread to other parts of the body.

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