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Oral surgery and implant therapy
Oral surgery and implant therapy
Implant therapy is relatively modern and quite popular branch of dentistry. It involves insertion of one or more implants in the bone, following which an abutment is placed as a base for the future prosthetic reconstruction – crown or bridge. Implants are produced from pure titanium, the material acceptable because of its biocompatibility and possibility of creating chemical and mechanical bond with the surrounding tissues (so called osseointegration).

Replacement of one tooth
if a tooth has been lost to any reason, and the adjacent teeth are completely healthy (intact), instead of preparing these healthy teeth and placing a bridge we can place an implant and therefore save other teeth.

Replacement of multiple teeth
In cases where it is necessary to replace more than just one tooth, we can place implant-supported bridges. The number of implants necessary for this work will depend on the scope of the bridge (number of elements – teeth). The best solution is to supply the optimal number of implants in the edentulous area which will allow the bridge to gain stability and will reduce the load from masticatory forces on the implants.

Replacement of all teeth in the jaw  
There are two possibilities:

1.Fixed denture
Depending on the situation, 6-10 implant are placed in the bone; then,  6 months after the surgery of the upper jaw and 3- 4 months if the procedure was carried out in the lower jaw, abutments are placed with bridges in ceramic, replacing the natural teeth.

2.Removable denture
Implants are placed in the bone allowing for the firmness of the removable denture. The overdenture acts as an invisible attachment, with one part of the attachment in the denture, and another on the implant. The minimum number of the implants is two, but for the optimal function and esthetics of the denture is better to place 4 implants per jaw (ALL-IN-4 system). With this system we can also obtain the reduction of the denture base.
Before placing the implants, there are certain prerequisites:
Perfect oral hygiene coupled with regular controls are of extreme importance for the success of the implanto-prosthetic therapy, since accumulation of the plaque in vicinity of the implant will readily cause development of periimplantitits (inflammation of peri-implant tissues, just like in periodontitis), which eventually may cause weakening and loss of the implant. Cigarette smoking is a relative contraindication for the implant therapy.  
In cases where the quantity of bone is not sufficient for implant placement, the bone may be augmented using bone substitute materials, membranes, or in the upper jaw technique of sinus lift.

Before initiating the therapy, it is necessary to perform a detailed analysis of the present situation and to come up with the correct plan of the therapy. Despite the patient's desires, the dentist may decide to carry out a „classic“ prosthetic  work since for the implant therapy numerous conditions need to be satisfied.  

In our office, we use ANKYLOS IMPLANT SYSTEM  - DENTSPLY Friadent (USA-GERMANY) is one of the biggest and most renowned manufacturers in the world of implants; details are available on the web site

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