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Oral Hygiene
Oral Hygiene
In order to maintain Your smile and health of Your mouth on a high level, it is necessary to perform periodical examinations of both healthy and treated teeth, prosthetic appliances and gums every 6 months.

Additionally, we will be happy to show You tooth brushing techniques and to recommend the use of other means for oral hygiene such as floss, mouthwashes and interdental brushes best suited for You. This personal approach in education of every patient guarantees the best results regarding the improvement of oral hygiene and also overall health.

In cases of calculus deposits, high standards of oral hygiene are achieved through various procedures:

1. cleaning of calculus deposits using an ultrasonic device (CAVITRON)

2. elimination of invisible plaque deposits and organic pigments including those originating from cigarette smoke with the help of AIR-FLOW stain removal procedure

3. tooth polishing with interdental strips, brushes and gums, in combination with polishing pastes

4. finally, application of GC TOOTHMOOSE which neutralizes acids from bacterial plaque, protects tooth surfaces and helps the natural process of remineralization of tooth enamel (details are available on web site

The entire process lasts for approximately 1 hour and the results are somewhat surprising. The sensation of incredible cleanliness is coupled with the natural color of the teeth.  Is worth noticing that frequently upon initiation of the therapy the patients are keen to whiten their teeth, but after this oral hygiene session the natural tooth color is quite satisfactory (this is especially true for smokers and people who smoke or consume larger quantities of coffee or those who have never had their teeth cleaned thoroughly).
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