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Mobile prosthetics
Mobile prosthetics
In cases where it is simply not possible to replace the lost teeth using a fixed denture (i.e. bridge), the prosthetic therapy aims at mobile (removable) dentures – complete or partial. Dentures are removable appliances which replace natural teeth and may be removed by the patient for cleaning and rest.

One of the major fears, troubles and shocks is actually the notice of having to put a removable denture, complete or partial. Don't be troubled! A long time ago dentures were viewed as esthetically unacceptable and kept falling out of place, but these times are past now. Modern dentistry is so advanced that with an individual approach and adequate construction it is possible to find a prosthetic solution which is satisfactory to both the patient and the therapist.

The following are the guidelines for manufacturing of these removable dental appliances:
Partial removable dentures may be combined with a fixed bridge through attachments. This type of appliance is called a combined denture. At its final points the bridge has one part of the attachment built inside. The other component is hidden inside the denture.  Removed and repositioned in the mouth without fatigue or discomfort, connecting with the bridge through attachments (allowing for a perfect maintenance of the oral hygiene), creating a compact union where the denture becomes extension of the bridge. Additionally, following their incorporation in the denture, the attachments remain completely invisible, thus differing significantly from the old systems where visible attachments continued to traumatize the abutment teeth.

Another possibility is to make a denture based on telescopic crowns in gold. Telescopic crowns positioned on the remaining teeth substitute attachments. Such a crown serves as a double crown system – internal crown is cemented (attached) to the abutment tooth, while the outer one forms an integral part of the denture. The force of retention results from the friction between the surfaces of the two crowns. When indicated and manufactured in a highly precise manner, the partial denture based on telescopic crowns is a high quality piece of work from both biological and esthetic points of view.

Complete dentures replace all teeth; they are applied in cases when all teeth are lost.

When the patient is not satisfied with stability and retention of the dentures, the problem may be resolved with a denture retained by implants. Fixation of the overdenture (using ball attachments) over the implants assures its firmness – finally the patient can chew and laugh without fear or shame, which were almost a rule before the era of implant therapy. The denture may be anchored on minimum 2 implants, but the most convenient solution is overdenture on 4 implants - ALL-ON-4 SYSTEM (details are available on the web site
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