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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Croatiadental different from other dental clinics?
The expert staff and excellence in almost all medical specialties. We integrate clinical experience, knowledge and modern diagnostic and therapeutic technology, therefore providing our patients with high standards of diagnostics and therapy.

Do I have to make an advance payment?
No, you don't have to pay in advance. The method of payment and amount will be agreed upon when you arrive.

Can we request Medical Second Opinion from Croatident if necessary?
Yes, you can. And if necessary, you can also send us all pictures and papers regarding your teeth by e-mail.

What about transportation arrangements when we arrive in Croatia?
If you are coming from England or Ireland by plane, we will arrange our transportation (with private car) or you can take airport bus to center of Rijeka (from Rijeka airport), where we'll meet you and transport you to your hotel.
If you are coming by car from Germany or Austria we can arange to meet you at the toll houses and escort you to your destination.

Is Croatiadental Clinic a public or private clinic?
Croatiadental is a private dental clinic.

What type of currency is used in Croatia? Is there a bank close to the clinic?
Kuna is a national currency in Croatia. There is a bank located just a few minutes (walking distance) in downtown Rijeka. Croatiadental clinic accepts Euro, Dollar and Kuna. We accept payment in cash or credit cards ( visa & mastercard ).

What places can I visit during my stay in Rijeka?
You can visit some interesting places during your stay. It also depends how much time will you be staying in Rijeka. All our sugestions are here.

Contact information
Croatia dental Petra Jurcica 2a, 51 000 RIJEKA CROATIA E-mail: Or you can contact us through our online form. ...
Dr. Juraj Prpic
Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Rijeka, Croatia in 2001. Opened his private dental clinic in 2003. In his continuous desire for improvem ...
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Always advancing through the newest insights and improvements of the modern dentistry, we integrate clinical experience, knowledge and modern diagnostics and th ...