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First visit
First visit
Frequently, our foreign patients visit us for the first time requiring a complex reconstruction of their teeth. At this point, it is of extreme importance to perform a thorough analysis all the existing problems and to plan future interventions necessary for a complete rehabilitation.

Thanks to the range of our services and various modes of dental reconstruction that can be applied in the modern dentistry, we are always in position to offer at least 2 or even 3 different proposals for the therapy. For example, if some of the teeth are missing, we can propose therapy with implants and fixed bridges on implants; there are also partial mobile prostheses with attachments or telescopic crowns, or just a simple denture.

In some particularly complex cases, an analysis will be necessary using also cast models of the jaws and teeth. In reality, the procedure looks like this: we take impressions for registration of the present situation, dental technicians cast models in plaster, and these models are mounted in the articulator which reproduces the situation in the patient's mouth. The dentist performs the analysis and prepares several prosthetic solutions. You will receive the proposals for these different solutions in an e-mail and together we can decide which is the best for You.

In addition, the reason for Your visit may simply be a lack of time necessary for completion of the therapy in Your country. In the private dental practice Prpic the time taken to produce a prosthetic appliance is reduced to its maximum. During Your first visit You will also receive a program of the future visits, total number of visits as well as the predicted duration. Every solution will include minimum of the necessary phases so that we can effectively save Your time as well as the cost of trips and stay in Croatia. However, the number of visits will never be reduced in such a manner that it jeopardizes the quality of work.

The following are some examples from our practice:  
In cases which require a reconstruction with ceramic crowns on all the teeth of the upper jaw (these are very demanding works), the first step is to prepare all teeth and take impressions – this will last for 2 days in a row (every day the work lasts for 3-4 hours); the following phase is trial of the metal construction of the future crowns/bridges – here we also repeat the registration of the way You bite (occlusion). Duration of this visit is 1 hour. The minimum time between these first two visits is 4 days (this time allows the laboratory to cast the metal base). The following 4-7 days are necessary for covering of the metal structure with ceramic – the phases of the work are shown on the photos to the right of this text. Finally, the finished work is fixed in the mouth. For these reasons one complete reconstruction of the mouth and a new smile takes a total of 3 visits in 7-14 days (the time will also depend on Your possibilities regarding other engagements). Naturally, Your teeth will always be covered with temporary crowns so that You can go around normally and carry on with everyday chores. For a detailed examination, we will need a recently taken panoramic X-ray (not >3 months). In case You do not have it, we have the possibility' to take it here at our office. The cost will be 30 Eur.

Recently we have received many e-mails with panoramic X-rays attached to them in .jpeg or .pdf formats, where the patients ask a price list and proposal for the therapy without taking the trip to visit us. We are always at Your disposal and will try to help in any way possible, but please be aware that the X-ray provides only 30-40 % of the information necessary to structure a plan for the therapy and diagnosis. Why is this so? There are many simple reasons: the X-ray does not show us the relationships between the upper and lower teeth; carious lesions under the old crowns/bridges are invisible; be cannot evaluate mobility of the teeth, their form and color, and the position with respect to other teeth in the 3rd dimension (depth), gum level...  And finally, and this is extremely important to us, we are not able to discuss with You personally Your desires, nor explain adequately the therapy and the final result.

The first visit takes approximately one hour (this will also depend on the situation), and during this time we will provide the information on the state of Your mouth and various therapeutic possibilities. This first visit is free of charge.
We are kindly inviting You to choose, with our help, the optimum solution for Your dental issues, and to have faith in our competences so that with the therapy and new healthy smile You can face the life's challenges.

In our office we can undertake various complex cures and procedures:
First of all we take a panoramic X-ray, we perform a sort of inspection of the teeth, bone structures, maxillary sinus, and temporomandibular joints to verify that there are no deformities which could consequently cause problems or pain.

The therapy will always start with dental hygiene treatment which will include elimination of the calculus, since the fillings and crowns can be placed optimally and last long enough only if situated in a clean environment. In addition, this guarantees a rapid healing time after tooth extractions or minor surgical procedures.

The therapy is performed in accordance with the program set previously with the patient and on the determined date.

After treatments, the patients are invited for periodical controls free of charge which are undertaken in order to prevent possible future problems and control our performance.
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