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Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry represents a wide concept of dental therapy uniting almost all of its branches.
Restorative dentistry, prosthetic therapy, orthodontics and periodontology all unite in their single goal: esthetic appearance of the patient's teeth.
Dental fillings
In cases of tooth defects caused by caries, fracture, old amalgam fillings (black/silver fillings), or esthetic problems, it will be necessary to place a new filling.
Fixed prosthetics
Crowns and bridges substitute the natural teeth that were badly damaged, esthetically inadequate, or lost. Crown replaces the natural crown of the tooth in its natural size and shape and is attached to the already prepared tooth or root through posts.
Mobile prosthetics
Dentures are removable appliances which replace natural teeth and may be removed by the patient for cleaning and rest.

Oral Hygiene
In order to maintain Your smile and health of Your mouth on a high level, it is necessary to perform periodical examinations of both healthy and treated teeth, prosthetic appliances and gums every 6 months.
Oral surgery and implant therapy
Implant therapy is relatively modern and quite popular branch of dentistry. It involves insertion of one or more implants in the bone, following which an abutment is placed as a base for the future prosthetic reconstruction – crown or bridge.
Root canal treatment – endodontic procedure
Root canal treatment is a branch of dentistry which studies pulp pathologies; tooth pulp is made of a tissue rich in blood vessels and nerves, and fills the central portion of the tooth.

Inflammation of the dental pulp can be caused by a trauma, fracture or most frequently infection originating from tooth decay.

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